Creative Solution


To help a customer become the vendor of choice for an agricultural products business, SFE developed a solution that changed a product from a 5-layer co-extrusion process to a mono film process. This solution resulted in significant savings to the customer, as well as exceeding expectations for both product quality and delivery times.


The customer knew that price is a key element in the retail buyer’s decision at the point of purchase. Any opportunity to reduce cost was an opportunity to increase sales.

Their existing vendor was using a 5-layer co-extrusion film. There wasn’t any question about the quality of the existing product, but the film’s cost was adding to the overall cost of the product the retail customer paid.

Creating the Solution

Our customer called us to be part of the development and presentation team. We jointly met with this prospective customer. The team heard the issues and the challenges. The current vendor was a long-standing partner for the agricultural products company. To change that relationship, our customer would have to demonstrate superiority in both product quality and price.

The SFE technical team knew the key to reducing cost was being able to reduce the layers in the co-ex process, but how would that impact product quality? Rather than focusing on the current product, we instead focused on the client’s needs and our customer's production process. We developed and tested several formulations designed to produce high strength film with the right characteristics for printing and converting. One of these was a mono-film solution.

Our technicians worked with our customer's technicians to assure these films would work optimally with their equipment. In the end, our combined teams believed the mono-film product offered the greatest potential to meet all the requirements the prospective customer was seeking.

A drop test was provided to the prospective customer. These samples demonstrated superior strength and excellent packaging graphics all at a savings to the customer compared to their existing packaging. As a result, our customer was selected as the vendor of choice.