At SFE, we create custom solutions for your blown film needs. Whether the film you need is for health care products, food products, general consumer goods, cosmetics, agricultural products, general packaging, shrink or over wrapping, or any of a number of other applications, we’ll create the quality solution you need.

When we think quality solutions, we're thinking about both end-use quality and production quality. You need film that runs on your equipment without a hitch. You judge quality on the ability to seal, the consistency of the film gauge, the roll flatness and how the film conforms to your production environment. So do we. We work with your team to assure the film is optimized to your environment.

Whether you need single layer film solutions, multi-layer co-extruded film solutions, laminated solutions, folded film solutions, slit film solutions, gusseted film solutions, tube film solutions, we’ve got your answer. Bring us your challenge and we’ll return to you with a solution. A cost-effective solution. Because a solution that doesn’t fit within your budget is not a solution at all.